Blackout City

A Sci-Fi Webcomic

new chapter every two months
updated 1 Jun 2022

News & Updates

1/6/2022 >>
The Basilisk arc is over~! And I haven't finished writing the next one yet so I'm going to be taking a bit of a break to finish it before the drawing begins. The next update will be October first. See you then!
28/7/2020 >>
Finally updated the web versions of all the pages I edited when I was putting together the LSR book.

    (Contains vague spoilers up to LVL14)
  • Atoned for my crimes against typography
  • Everyone talks less like a valley girl (/like me)
  • LSR anchors have consistent tattoo number, placement + design
  • Liren's backstory has been updated (See LVL2 P6 + LVL9 P3)
  • Some other stuff looks better now :v
3/4/2020 >>
No Vancaf this year... :''''^) But I'll see you next year! Stay safe!
30/1/2020 >>
I'm going to be at Vancaf in May. I'll have volume one of Blackout City and some other things, you'll have to come and see~ (。•̀ᴗ-)✧